loud and quiet.

Promo Posters for the release of our first album. which do you like better?

this is how we do demos. Trev mean muggin it on the bass. #cultofthread #secondcoming (at A la diestra de Dios)

demo traxx #cultofthread (at R2 Rehearsal Studios)

Cult of SHRED

"…and even if there’s no one out there in this lonely, godforsaken world that you can snuggle up to at the end of cold hard night, know that Thread will always love you…"

-taken from the Dead Sea Scrolls: Psalm 69 verse 420

We have carefully and secretly crafted a limited number of subliminal devices designed to be worn upon the lapel, breast pocket, kangol cap, or wherever you may desire. spread the word. join the cult. contact us here to obtain these mind altering devices!!

Join the Cult everybody!

Zzomething ZZztraaange is comin… Zzztay Tuned…

…funny thing happened to one of our drivers this week. still trying to figure it out but some of the mystery was caught in this vid……  needless to say there’s a spot open for some one just like YOU!


Its that time again!!!  Join the Cult Friday!